A Sunflowers Parable

Velvet Queen Sunflower

If there were ever a flower to showcase my soul, 

the sweet sunflower is where I would go.

Allowing the sweet morning dew to

saturate me, I want all of you.

Your glorious waters fall from above,

fill me with your love.

With its various colors and luminous rays of light,

in its youth turning its head to find what is bright.

With maturity it has no reason to search,

no longer needing to chase or be found.

For the light is bound in everything around,

make me like the sunflower.

At my core there is a light.

One must search the different shades of being,

from the outside there is a mix of golden hues 

a depth of mystery.

Within my foundation is my life’s own history.

Written on my petals you will find

life’s mistakes and empty tombs.

Precious oil and rejuvenated blooms.

Study these shades and you will see

everything that has been, is written in me.

Evening Sun Sunflowers

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