Hey! I’m Crystal, the content writer and creative designer behind Break Bread Co. I live in beautiful Albuquerque, New Mexico. I’m married to my middle school sweetheart, We have six amazing children together, homeschool five, graduated one! I enjoy reading and digging deeper into the puzzles of humanity. Gardening is life. Plant all the seeds. Read all the books. I am a whole bible believer. God fascinates me; His glory is everywhere. I love to create and design goods that help believers stay focused on our God and showcase our faith with unique, wholesome items. I am an artisan soul and love to be creative in many forms. I feel our gifts shouldn’t be limited to one art. I am oftentimes trying out new ways to express my love of God. You can find me customizing apparel, sewing kitchen linens, totes and bread bags or creating coffee mugs. Did I mention I love to write. Written word is therapeutic and when you add a good Bible study to it, well you have a healing balm for the soul. I look forward to growing and maturing with you. Until next time blessings.

Break Bread Co. hopes to bring healing, inspiration and encouragement through written word and meaningful goods to cultivate a wholesome lifestyle in Messiah.


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